Be selective of your f****

Be selective of your fucks.

Seriously, apparently a woman is born with only a certain number of eggs. Well, I swear we are all born with only a certain amount of fucks, and when we waste it on dumb shit, we are wasting our fucks. So, be selective. Don’t give a fuck about everything that comes across your Facebook news feed. Lady at the drive-thru forget to give you a fork with your salad? Drive your happy ass back around and ask for it nicely, don’t get all pissed off! Or, you could go park and get your lazy ass out of your seat and go in and get one. Who knows? You may run into a future job opportunity by holding a door open for someone on your way into the restaurant.

Religion gives too many fucks.


Take the book above, for an example. This book, from renowned Fox News, Trump doting Southern Baptist Convention “Pastor” of First Baptist Dallas in Dallas, Texas. In this book, Robert recounts an interview he did with Bill O’Reilly where O’Reilly was asking him about how we should treat Muslims. Jeffress goes on to suggest that “Well, you have to tell the truth…And the truth is that Islam is a false religion, built on a false book, written by a false prophet…”. Nearly every religion, especially the three major religions make this same deceleration about the other ones,”There’s only this way to get to heaven, and all other ideas are false”. Religious beliefs require you to believe what a person should do in the privacy of their homes, how they pray, in what direction they pray, what type of clothes they wear, whether they should have positions of authority based on gender, who they should love, how we should treat other species, and how we should treat others. In everyone of those religious text that I have read there are both positive and abhorrently negative things suggested about how we should treat our neighbors. Typically the more progressive, liberal people of those religions love to lean on those verses to suggest that those of us who read those nasty verses are either taking it out of context, or we are not understanding that times have changed and the meaning behind various religious scriptures can change with those times. Now, fundamentalist will scream at the top of their lungs that this is heretical, and that they are leading them astray. Quite frankly, scripture itself will declare this same thing. “For the time is coming when people will not endure sound teaching, but having itching ears they will accumulate for themselves teachers to suit their own passions,” (2Ti 4:3 ESV), this verse in 2 Timothy in the New Testament of the Christian Bible suggest that as times change, beliefs will change, but scripture never will. Read it in it’s entirety, not just the sunshine verses. Tell me that you do not come to the same conclusion. You literally have to have blinders on to avoid those extremely judgmental, too many fucks given verses. I applaud those who choose to put blinders on, or intentionally ignore those scriptures. They are, after all, primitive beliefs. I give a fuck about this because others continue to use their religion to give too many fucks about how other people live and love. I believe that is a worthy thing to give a fuck about.

Society gives too many fucks.

The secular world is not immune to this epidemic of giving too many fucks. Society also gives way too many fucks about what everyone else is doing. To some extent I certainly understand the need to give a fuck about others, especially when their decision can personally effect your own life. Simple example of this would be people driving on the correct side of the road, and driving responsibly. A choice for them to drive irresponsibly could end up drastically changing your life, or someone you care about. So, I get it. However, we all need to step back every now and then and take an honest introspective approach and ask ourselves whether or not what we spend our time on is worth our fucks. Maybe it’s a draining relationship that you have been allowing to act like a cancer on your emotions and sanity. Maybe it’s a job that has been draining every ounce of you, and that you absolutely hate. Jobs are a difficult task because every job will have something you hate. Yet, if you haven’t even attempted to change your job by putting some resumes out there then you cannot really complain about where you are at. You are NOT a tree, move if you want to.

In conclusion, stop giving so many fucks. I have spent the majority of the past three years giving too many fucks. It causes a TON of anxiety and depression. DO NOT DO IT! Stop giving a fuck, and get your ass up and get moving! If scripture had one thing right, it is that we have gotten to, and really always have been a people that preferred to hear a good lie, over a horrible truth. We generally always need the horrible truth over the beautiful lie. You didn’t like that approach? Well, guess what? I do not give a fuck.

The godless Pastor,

Billy J. Crocker


When the Locker Room is in the West Wing

“And we should get on to much more important things and much bigger things.” –Donald Trump, then GOP Nominee for President during the second Presidential Debate via New York Times transcript.

The 2016 election has long passed, and we are now almost a year into Donald Trumps Presidency that has been constantly marred by President Trumps tweets, outlandish statements and actions. No different were his days as a Presidential candidate though. The most bombshell statement came from President Trump during a 2005 Access Hollywood tape that everyone and their sister has heard by now, where Donald Trump is overheard making a comment about grabbing women by the “p****”. When this tape surfaced, Donald Trump, and unfortunately many other “men” defended these comments as “Locker room talk”.

When Donald Trump was asked about these comments during a Presidential Debate with CNN he claimed that he did not do these things (I hope not!), and then continually pivoted to other topics, ultimately making the claim, “And we should get on to much more important things and much bigger things.”, and in that moment many felt as though “locker room talk” and “more important things” apparently needed to be discussed. Until the #metoo movement of 2017, this has largely been how this country and the world really has responded to the sex problem of us men in society. There are currently 130 million girls not being educated, according to several sources, across the globe. This is, in large part, due to the view of women as second class citizens in almost every corner of our world. Whenever the man that admitted to making those claims is elected to be the President of the United States it sends an alarming message that we have more important things to talk about then the oppression, and objectification of women. Maybe to make this easier for some people I should say, the oppression and objectification of another human being is being dismissed as less important then other issues. Presently, leaders from across the world have made a commitment to have girls educated for a full 12 years by the year 2030. I personally find that to be a ridiculous timeline, this needs to happen much sooner. I recently read a story in TIME magazine by Malala Yousafzai, titled Who Runs the World? Girls!. This was a wonderful story about several young girls reality where they are practically traded through marriages, and removed or even never allowed to be formally educated. In America there is a long-held, deep understanding as women being “barefoot and pregnant”. There are still cultures here in America, particularly in the south, where women are encouraged to get married, have children, and be a homemaker. While, in some circumstances, this is genuinely what a woman wants, I would attribute this to manipulation then a woman’s actual choice. I personally do not think that a marriage certificate should be issued for anyone under the age of 21 at least (yes both individuals must be 21). I have no understanding why a woman, or man should be allowed to enter into a contractual obligation with another individual before they can have a drink of alcohol. Many in our country look at marriage as a binding institution that, outside of adultery (and some even question that), should never be dissolved. A woman’s role, in many societies, is to follow the leadership of her husband. This archaic teaching, combined with the access to marriages at a young age, leave women in this “first-world” country to be oppressed without even knowing it. I realize that many couples have a story of meeting at 18, or even in grade school, then marry at a young age, and die married. I do not doubt these stories one bit, however I feel like if they would have been required to wait until 21 to be married it would have made that outcome indifferent. Basically, if it was truly “meant to be” (another blog for another day), then waiting until 21 would have changed nothing. With most insurance companies for parents being willing to carry their children well into their 20’s, and to file on taxes, why does someone need to get married before they are 21? I believe, that removing that opportunity for a man to tie down a woman contractually (whether that is his mindset or not), would encourage women to pursue a career and/or education first. I truly believe that “knowledge is power”, and women are already remarkable without the access to education.

When it comes to the oppression and objectification of women, the easiest route to destroying this disease of men is access to upward mobility in careers, equal pay, and access to education. A woman needs to know that her body is not what is required to succeed, but her abilities, in the same way as a man. However, unfortunately right now in our society the way a woman is discussed, and treated shows that a woman’s body is all she has. While upward mobility, equal pay and education are pivotal in this culture changing; I know that without the “Billy Bush’s” (the Access Hollywood reporter that was heard laughing at Donald Trumps remarks) growing a spine, there will be slow progress. I have this crazy idea that there are more “Billy Bush’s” then there are “Donald Trumps”. I do not think that Donald Trumps comments are normal “locker room talk”. However, it is those of us who laugh at these comments, and dismiss them that are harming this progress. We have never said the things that Donald Trump stated, but we laughed at the statement from our “cooler” buddy, we kept quiet when the WORK e-mail (even the “” e-mail) that had pictures of barely clothed women came across our inbox, we shared in the stories of the women we had crazy sex with (even if they were most likely made up stories) to “fit-in”. No, we are not sexual predators, we are not rapist, we are not even disgusting men (as our talk makes us seem), we are worse then that, we are spineless men. We have to be willing to step up and speak out when women are treated this way, often without any women present when it is spoken (go figure). Are you willing to stunt your growth in a company by calling out your supervisor for making a sexist comment? Are you willing to risk being black-listed, demoted, given a low EPR (Enlisted Performance Report) when that Chief Master Sergeant makes that degrading comment about a woman Airman who just walked out of the room? Are you willing to allow your manhood to be questioned when you show disgust towards another man when he makes a comment such as “yea, I’d hit that”? Please explain to me how self-restraint is not a mature character? These “men” need to be called out. Women need to be given opportunities outside the strip clubs, the porn sites, and the kitchen! Donald Trump “men” need to be put in their place. Locker room talk needs to be removed from our culture. Unfortunately, the locker room has moved into the west wing of the White House. In 2020 we need to make a stand. I do not mean the women either, they can make their stand, and I know that they will. I am talking about all real men. We need to boot this disgusting animal from the oval office. He needs to move his locker room back to Trump Tower.

The godless Pastor,

Billy J. Crocker