Why your god is not real

Is there a god? The age-old question that has been debated, and wrote about for ages. In reality, I believe that is a senseless question to have. In a world where religious motivated violence plagues everyone’s peace, the important question to ask is whether or not your god is real. When we live in a country where a baker can deny someone a right to purchase a fu***** cake because their “lifestyle” doesn’t agree with the bakers religious beliefs, the question we need to be asking is whether or not you can know for certain that your god is real. Because when you are making life and death decisions based on your convictions from a book supposedly completely authored through inspiration from this “god”, you probably ought to know whether or not that god is real, not just if a god is real.

An exercise

I want you to close your eyes and imagine god. Not who you have been told to believe, but specifically what you believe god to be like. Now I want you to imagine what heaven is like, who is there, and who is not. I can assure you with 100% certainty that this very specific god is not real. According to everything we know from archaeological digs, and studying the history left by some ancient civilizations, religion was largely restrictive to the local population “back in the day”. In essence, there was no intention to evangelize the world. Now, this very well could have had more to do with the lack of knowledge of a larger community, but it also just simply seemed an attempt to answer life’s most basic fears and unknowns. In that time frame there is certainly little blame that one could cast on our ancestors in having the desire to figure out what all this was about, and especially with such little information available to them. However, we know better now, there is no longer an excuse for actually believing that your god is the only right god, or that there is definitely any god at all. Could there be? Sure, in the same way that there could be a Flying Spaghetti Monster that created everything we see.

What is the point?

My point in writing this blog is to plead with all of you to consider the point of coexisting with other belief systems, even non-belief systems. If it helps you sleep better at night to know that there is a supernatural god at work in the sky caring what you do with your life, then great, believe that. There is zero evidence for it, but knock yourself out. The silliest argument that atheist try and have with a theist is whether or not there is “a god”. That is such a senseless argument for most of these individuals because the real idea that you can, need to, and should destroy, is the notion that their god is the only god, and that everyone else should live according to its rules. This is the debate to have. Not whether or not there is a god at all. There are too many variables for that debate. There are too many possibilities, as we atheist like to point out with things such as the Flying Spaghetti Monster (no offense to those who genuinely follow this possible deity). However, there are absolutely zero ways that anyone can prove with certainty that their specific god is real. According to several sources there are approximately 4,200 different religious beliefs (this number includes variants within the same overarching belief system, i.e. denominations). Approximately 75% of the world worships under one of five possible religions, which are Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, and Buddhism. Of these five religions, Christianity and Islam are the most widespread. These values, and ethics vary from sect to sect, but in just the two largest religions heads are being chopped off, daughters are being murdered (honor killings), and people are being discriminated against (at a minimum) if you do not line up with what their god says is the right way to live. One of the common questions that theist like to ask is how do we know right from wrong as atheist, but I would argue that when removed from the overarching bondage of religious orthodoxy you can better attain for yourself what is right and what is wrong.

My hope

We need to have an understanding that when it comes to religious freedom, this does not give you the right to impose your religious beliefs on me, or prohibit me from participating in things that your god would forbid. If you want to operate in the open market then you should be made to serve all of your customers. If you desire to have a family, for the love of humanity, love your children no matter what their sexual orientation. Please, do not let your religious beliefs harm your ability to have empathy, and understanding of someone’s situation. This world needs a lot more love in it, and religion is the last place most people these days think of going to get it. We may not know whether or not a god is real at all, but we certainly know that the specific god you have thought up in your head is not real. The chances are slimmer then winning the lottery. As Bill Maher says in his segment on Real Time on HBO, “I don’t know it for a fact…I just know it’s true”. This doesn’t need to cause you anxiety, or anger. You need to accept this reality, and open your arms, your hearts, and your lives to people outside of your cult. It could do you some good. You might just realize your god playing banjo with Hank Williams Jr. aint the only god out there. Now, go crack open a beer with an atheist, or a muslim, or someone of a different race, or gender orientation, and learn something about someone else other then yourself. Let’s do this together!

For the truth,

The godless Pastor

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Be selective of your f****

Be selective of your fucks.

Seriously, apparently a woman is born with only a certain number of eggs. Well, I swear we are all born with only a certain amount of fucks, and when we waste it on dumb shit, we are wasting our fucks. So, be selective. Don’t give a fuck about everything that comes across your Facebook news feed. Lady at the drive-thru forget to give you a fork with your salad? Drive your happy ass back around and ask for it nicely, don’t get all pissed off! Or, you could go park and get your lazy ass out of your seat and go in and get one. Who knows? You may run into a future job opportunity by holding a door open for someone on your way into the restaurant.

Religion gives too many fucks.


Take the book above, for an example. This book, from renowned Fox News, Trump doting Southern Baptist Convention “Pastor” of First Baptist Dallas in Dallas, Texas. In this book, Robert recounts an interview he did with Bill O’Reilly where O’Reilly was asking him about how we should treat Muslims. Jeffress goes on to suggest that “Well, you have to tell the truth…And the truth is that Islam is a false religion, built on a false book, written by a false prophet…”. Nearly every religion, especially the three major religions make this same deceleration about the other ones,”There’s only this way to get to heaven, and all other ideas are false”. Religious beliefs require you to believe what a person should do in the privacy of their homes, how they pray, in what direction they pray, what type of clothes they wear, whether they should have positions of authority based on gender, who they should love, how we should treat other species, and how we should treat others. In everyone of those religious text that I have read there are both positive and abhorrently negative things suggested about how we should treat our neighbors. Typically the more progressive, liberal people of those religions love to lean on those verses to suggest that those of us who read those nasty verses are either taking it out of context, or we are not understanding that times have changed and the meaning behind various religious scriptures can change with those times. Now, fundamentalist will scream at the top of their lungs that this is heretical, and that they are leading them astray. Quite frankly, scripture itself will declare this same thing. “For the time is coming when people will not endure sound teaching, but having itching ears they will accumulate for themselves teachers to suit their own passions,” (2Ti 4:3 ESV), this verse in 2 Timothy in the New Testament of the Christian Bible suggest that as times change, beliefs will change, but scripture never will. Read it in it’s entirety, not just the sunshine verses. Tell me that you do not come to the same conclusion. You literally have to have blinders on to avoid those extremely judgmental, too many fucks given verses. I applaud those who choose to put blinders on, or intentionally ignore those scriptures. They are, after all, primitive beliefs. I give a fuck about this because others continue to use their religion to give too many fucks about how other people live and love. I believe that is a worthy thing to give a fuck about.

Society gives too many fucks.

The secular world is not immune to this epidemic of giving too many fucks. Society also gives way too many fucks about what everyone else is doing. To some extent I certainly understand the need to give a fuck about others, especially when their decision can personally effect your own life. Simple example of this would be people driving on the correct side of the road, and driving responsibly. A choice for them to drive irresponsibly could end up drastically changing your life, or someone you care about. So, I get it. However, we all need to step back every now and then and take an honest introspective approach and ask ourselves whether or not what we spend our time on is worth our fucks. Maybe it’s a draining relationship that you have been allowing to act like a cancer on your emotions and sanity. Maybe it’s a job that has been draining every ounce of you, and that you absolutely hate. Jobs are a difficult task because every job will have something you hate. Yet, if you haven’t even attempted to change your job by putting some resumes out there then you cannot really complain about where you are at. You are NOT a tree, move if you want to.

In conclusion, stop giving so many fucks. I have spent the majority of the past three years giving too many fucks. It causes a TON of anxiety and depression. DO NOT DO IT! Stop giving a fuck, and get your ass up and get moving! If scripture had one thing right, it is that we have gotten to, and really always have been a people that preferred to hear a good lie, over a horrible truth. We generally always need the horrible truth over the beautiful lie. You didn’t like that approach? Well, guess what? I do not give a fuck.

The godless Pastor,

Billy J. Crocker

Godless Motivation

Motivation for life is something that has been written about, and spoken about to no end. Throughout every century, successful people have written about how they became successful, and specifically how they have overcome obstacles. These books fly off the shelves, and seminars are sold-out in no time. People from all walks of life flock to these successful people to figure out how they too can change their destinies, and move forward despite the difficulties of life. In most of these books and seminars a spiritual influence is often mentioned as a source of strength for these prosperous individuals. I, for one, was always taught growing up that without god, specifically the Christian god, you cannot obtain success in this life. This of course, runs even contrary to scripture, but it was a nice sentiment that with the Christian, Baptist, southern, Texas white god on my side nothing could stop me. As I have looked at my beliefs more objectively and come away from what I once held so closely, the area of motivation for life was one that I was scared to venture into. My fear, came from the thought that I would struggle to find any motivation outside of Christian sources. Fortunately, I was wrong.

Through magazines such as National Geographic, Psychology Today, and TIME I have read some amazing articles about success, motivation, and happiness. Now don’t get me wrong, sometimes these articles are lightly touched with some sense of spirituality, for example a November 2017 article in National Geographic that talked about happiness in the three most happy places on earth – Costa Rica, Denmark, and Singapore (National Geographic, 2017). In that article it did express that specifically in Costa Rica, religion is an important part of the culture. However, it was not something that was specific to a certain denomination. Many that were interviewed seemed to be Catholic, for example. In a recent New York Times article they discussed the issue of whether or not Danish and Scandinavians were specifically “atheist”, a claim that had been touted by many in the atheist community. What this particular researcher found, in talking directly with the people was that they were not fond of the term atheist, and even still considered themselves Christian, just not affiliated with the official church. Even more to the point, on the issue of religion, the interviewer found that, “His interviewees just didn’t care about it”. I believe that this goes back to the point that many, whether religious or not arrive at, that happiness is a choice. My personal opinion is that religion has nothing to do with a persons happiness, unless it does. To further expound on that confusing sentence, I would simply say that if religious beliefs are made to be important to a persons understanding of the world, then and only then, does it play a role in the persons happiness. I think the most obvious example of this is the fact that a persons spiritual beliefs can be anything from Christian, to Hindu, to Muslim, to Humanist and be extremely happy. On the flip side, a person can be a Christian, Hindu, Muslim or Humanist and also be extremely unhappy. I would even venture to say that every category of those beliefs have both successful people, and unsuccessful people.

Here is the reality that I hope you understand. Your version of religion that you grew up with may have been extremely harmful, and for that reason you left that religion. Now, you are struggling to carry on without that belief, and struggling to find purpose. DO NOT DO IT! Do not be so against the idea of a god because of your childhood upbringing. If you need to have a value system based on god in order to carry on, please re-evaluate your faith and consider a different way of believing about the god you once loved, but grew up to hate. It may not land you at Christianity, even if that is where you started. Stop being afraid of leaving orthodoxy, or thinking that you have to choose either orthodoxy or atheist. Do not take things so seriously, but instead choose to find YOUR happiness. Realize that religious fanatics will be totally against that viewpoint, and call me a wolf in sheep’s clothing. I am probably in good company with who they think those people are, so be it. Do not concern yourself with the opinions of others, especially in reference to what you believe. If you are a Christian who is in church every time the doors are open, and this brings you happiness, AWESOME! Keep doing that. If you are the Christian who attends for special ceremonies, and otherwise watches Game of Thrones, Fifty Shades of Grey, uses curse words, drinks alcohol on occasion, currently living with your girlfriend, and you are happy, AWESOME! If you are attending a church that downs those kinds of personal happiness choices, it sounds like you need a new church, not a new belief system. As an atheist, I find plenty of stupidity with religion, but this is my PERSONAL viewpoint, and not necessary for everyone in the world to believe. The most harm I see in religion is with those who take it too seriously. Find your happiness, and live that out, f*** everyone else.

The godless Pastor,

Billy J. Crocker