Why your god is not real

Is there a god? The age-old question that has been debated, and wrote about for ages. In reality, I believe that is a senseless question to have. In a world where religious motivated violence plagues everyone’s peace, the important question to ask is whether or not your god is real. When we live in a country where a baker can deny someone a right to purchase a fu***** cake because their “lifestyle” doesn’t agree with the bakers religious beliefs, the question we need to be asking is whether or not you can know for certain that your god is real. Because when you are making life and death decisions based on your convictions from a book supposedly completely authored through inspiration from this “god”, you probably ought to know whether or not that god is real, not just if a god is real.

An exercise

I want you to close your eyes and imagine god. Not who you have been told to believe, but specifically what you believe god to be like. Now I want you to imagine what heaven is like, who is there, and who is not. I can assure you with 100% certainty that this very specific god is not real. According to everything we know from archaeological digs, and studying the history left by some ancient civilizations, religion was largely restrictive to the local population “back in the day”. In essence, there was no intention to evangelize the world. Now, this very well could have had more to do with the lack of knowledge of a larger community, but it also just simply seemed an attempt to answer life’s most basic fears and unknowns. In that time frame there is certainly little blame that one could cast on our ancestors in having the desire to figure out what all this was about, and especially with such little information available to them. However, we know better now, there is no longer an excuse for actually believing that your god is the only right god, or that there is definitely any god at all. Could there be? Sure, in the same way that there could be a Flying Spaghetti Monster that created everything we see.

What is the point?

My point in writing this blog is to plead with all of you to consider the point of coexisting with other belief systems, even non-belief systems. If it helps you sleep better at night to know that there is a supernatural god at work in the sky caring what you do with your life, then great, believe that. There is zero evidence for it, but knock yourself out. The silliest argument that atheist try and have with a theist is whether or not there is “a god”. That is such a senseless argument for most of these individuals because the real idea that you can, need to, and should destroy, is the notion that their god is the only god, and that everyone else should live according to its rules. This is the debate to have. Not whether or not there is a god at all. There are too many variables for that debate. There are too many possibilities, as we atheist like to point out with things such as the Flying Spaghetti Monster (no offense to those who genuinely follow this possible deity). However, there are absolutely zero ways that anyone can prove with certainty that their specific god is real. According to several sources there are approximately 4,200 different religious beliefs (this number includes variants within the same overarching belief system, i.e. denominations). Approximately 75% of the world worships under one of five possible religions, which are Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, and Buddhism. Of these five religions, Christianity and Islam are the most widespread. These values, and ethics vary from sect to sect, but in just the two largest religions heads are being chopped off, daughters are being murdered (honor killings), and people are being discriminated against (at a minimum) if you do not line up with what their god says is the right way to live. One of the common questions that theist like to ask is how do we know right from wrong as atheist, but I would argue that when removed from the overarching bondage of religious orthodoxy you can better attain for yourself what is right and what is wrong.

My hope

We need to have an understanding that when it comes to religious freedom, this does not give you the right to impose your religious beliefs on me, or prohibit me from participating in things that your god would forbid. If you want to operate in the open market then you should be made to serve all of your customers. If you desire to have a family, for the love of humanity, love your children no matter what their sexual orientation. Please, do not let your religious beliefs harm your ability to have empathy, and understanding of someone’s situation. This world needs a lot more love in it, and religion is the last place most people these days think of going to get it. We may not know whether or not a god is real at all, but we certainly know that the specific god you have thought up in your head is not real. The chances are slimmer then winning the lottery. As Bill Maher says in his segment on Real Time on HBO, “I don’t know it for a fact…I just know it’s true”. This doesn’t need to cause you anxiety, or anger. You need to accept this reality, and open your arms, your hearts, and your lives to people outside of your cult. It could do you some good. You might just realize your god playing banjo with Hank Williams Jr. aint the only god out there. Now, go crack open a beer with an atheist, or a muslim, or someone of a different race, or gender orientation, and learn something about someone else other then yourself. Let’s do this together!

For the truth,

The godless Pastor

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The Selfishness of Religion

For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life. (Joh 3:16 ESV)

Oh, how special you are. You, being specifically a human, are special. Everything was created for your benefit, for your pleasure (but not too much pleasure, that is sinful), for your enjoyment. Southerners in the United States are notorious for believing in the idea that a sense of entitlement is what is wrong with this present generation, and that “kids today” just do not understand that the world does not revolve around them. While that is certainly a debate to have, it is rather ironic that these elders of the south are largely Christian conservatives, and most likely Baptist. The reason being, because the whole premise of any of the three main religions (Judaism, Christianity, and Islam) is that you are extremely important. When you go back before the days of these monotheistic religions (yes there was a time before these beliefs existed), you see more of a animism/spirituality approach. Everything had value, including the plants, animals, and fellow species of homo sapiens. Religious beliefs were local, and there was not a “I am right, you are wrong” type of thought process when it came to religious thought. The world had a soul, and I think that is a beautiful thing from that time period.

Then monotheistic religions came into play, as early as c.1350 BC in Egypt, according to the records we have. This was truly a change in direction, and quickly turned spiritual thought away from “everything is sacred”, to “we are sacred”. Now, we kill others, both fellow species, and other species down to the smallest life forms all to (supposedly) better ourselves. The selfishness of man has been seen throughout the ages, and monotheistic religion was a push in that direction. As the verse above gives reference to, monotheistic religions of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam took the world in a direction towards believing that not only are humans what everything is about, but specifically a certain type of humans. You now need to believe a certain way, or even be born a certain way, in order to be special. The animal kingdom is completely taken out of the picture. No longer do we care about the world, because hey, it is here for our benefit anyways. The irony is hard to miss, and it is strikes at the heart of all things that humanism stands for. When Christians tout their “caring” religion, it truly doesn’t take long to realize the hypocrisy of this whole religious system. The importance of realizing our place in the world as a whole cannot be understated. Just among fellow humans, we are one in approximately 7.6 billion other humans. That does not even include animals, and plants. Christians, specifically the Southern Baptist Christians love to mock those who defend animals, and plants as “tree huggers”, and trying to suggest that we must care more about animals then we do humans. I do not understand why we cannot do both, care about humans, and animals at the same time. There is a lot of work to be done in the area of care for our world. Climate change is a reality, and all the other species are suffering for it. Homo sapiens have left some pretty amazing advances in technology, and knowledge in its wake, but we also have left devastation and destruction. You are not the point, get over it.

For the truth,

The godless Pastor

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