About me

Billy Crocker grew up in a small town in North East Texas, Hughes Springs. Billy was raised for over half of his childhood in a non-religious home. Billy’s parents did believe in the Christian god, but that was as far as their faith went for the majority of Billy’s childhood. Billy’s grandmother influenced his beliefs a lot, and she happened to be Christian. At 8 years old Billy was given a “Cowboy” bible. This bible had a “plan of salvation” in it, and through the influence and testimony of his grandmother, he decided to follow through with this “plan” at only 9 years old. When Billy was 12 he started going to an American Baptist Association church in Hughes Springs, TX. At 13 he felt the need to be baptized by “full immersion” (completely under the water), and his parents joined him that day. Soon thereafter his mother accepted Christ, and his father “re-dedicated” (a term used for a Christian who has simply fallen away from their beliefs, but is still saved according to the Baptist denomination) his life to Jesus. At 15 Billy felt truly that the Christian god was calling him into the preaching ministry. It was not long after this decision that his church licensed him to preach the “Gospel” at only 16 years old. Billy spent his teenage years preaching the “Gospel” at every chance he got. He was given the opportunity to preach at churches all over East Texas, and even started a prayer group in his local High School. After High School, Billy went straight into “Bible College” at Texas Baptist Institute-Seminary, and learned how strict this denomination that he was apart of was. Billy was also very young, and ill prepared to be in a college such as this. At only 18 years old when he started at TBI, he was the youngest man (the only ones allowed to take ministry courses) there by at least 12 years. After spending a year at this “Bible College”, not being able to ask questions that went against the “Holy Bible” (most often referenced in the only truly inspired King James Version), he felt that he needed a change. At 19 years old Billy went and spoke with an Air Force recruiter and decided to join the Air Force as a 3E2X1, Pavements and Construction Equipment Apprentice.

During his time in the military, while stationed in Montana, he met his wife, Mollie. They were married in November 2008. It was “love at first sight”. Billy deployed several times while in the military, and while married. As a couple they have had to fight the impacts of war together.

Billy’s time in the military was filled with a lot of life experiences. Learning, for example, that the Air Force had approximately 155 different religions, and religious denominations listed for what people believed was astonishing. One of the first friends that Billy made in the Air Force was an Atheist. In 2011 Billy watched the movie Religulous by Bill Maher, as a challenge from one of his Atheist friends. Knowing that the bible would have an answer to whatever this “comedian” could come up with he confidently agreed to watch this movie. While a lot of the claims that Bill Maher could easily be questioned, there was also a lot of solid points that he made that did cause questions to creep up in his mind. Continuing with this confidence that the bible was the source of all knowledge and understanding, he continued down a path of learning. Through this knowledge Billy’s fundamental faith became rocked. Ultimately, in October 2017 Billy came out as an Atheist publicly for the first time. This decision has caused a lot of difficulties within his family and friends. Many have disowned him, and publicly shamed him. Through Billy’s 15 years in the ministry Billy has spoken to crowds as few as ten, to crowds as large as 400. Billy is continuing to write, study, and learn about this “new” information, and desires to continue speaking. Now Billy wants to use his public speaking skills to inspire thought, and to help people break free from the chains of religious orthodoxy.

In addition to encouraging people to become openly secular, Billy hopes to help military members, and their families overcome the wounds of war together through a secular approach. Billy also wants to be able to help all couples, military or not, live a more rich life and marriage. Billy attends Liberty University online full-time and is working at achieving his B.S. in Criminal Justice.

Billy now lives with his Wife, three children, and his medical alert service dog Dozer in North Carolina


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