The randomness of science or the mysteries of god?

I often heard in my “Bible-belt” culture of East Texas claim that god works in mysterious ways. That phrase became taboo over the years, even in Christian circles, because apparently there is nothing mysterious about god, because everything he does is promised in black and white ink (some red for you red-letter edition folks) in the Holy Bible. So, no surprises here apparently with the Christians. However, as my beliefs began to evolve into what they are now I started appreciating the randomness of science.

That may sound a little confusing, so let me try and clear it up. I don’t know if you have ever heard the phrase, “science only comes so far, then there’s god”. Well, that idea is this premise that because things happen that we cannot explain with science (which I would argue the facts are closer to being not consistently 100% certain, then that science cannot explain something at all), this leads to the “obvious” conclusion that this is proof of a supernatural being. I want you to consider for a moment that while this idea works rather comfortably for scenarios such as “I got the job, even when there were 100 other applicants, that must have been god”, or “Yes! that parking spot opened up close to the door, and I am in a really big hurry, god knows what he is doing…”. On the other hand, sometimes we see things like a child contracting a rare illness, and dying. Or, we see a perfectly healthy individual with a promising future die suddenly from some tragic event. You see, I know that these rare events happen to the best people, but did you know they happen to the worst people as well? Guess what else? Good things happen to bad people, and good things happen to good people. I am an analytical, statistics kind of guy. I struggle with anxieties, and I often happen to casually look at the risk of contracting the flu for any given week during the peaks of the season, for an example. This is not healthy, and I do not recommend it, but it is something I do. The thing is, there is a sort of peace in knowing that there “ain’t shit I can do about it”, instead of thinking that there is some supernatural god in the sky that may or may not help me depending on my service, and worth to this god. Christians want you to believe that there is peace in knowing that in the midst of the chaos god has it all under control. Excuse me, but if this is “under control”, I don’t want to see “out of control”. The reality is, things are not “under control”. “Shit happens” is a much better analysis of life, and to me that gives much more proof to the randomness of science (which I do not find challenging), then to the mysteries of god.

For the truth,

The godless Pastor


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