Chronic Stress and Burnout…Stopping the downward spiral

Great blog, and an awesome perspective on ways to notice burnout before it gets too bad. Strongly encourage you to read this article.


Before we proceed: This article is not politically correct or warm and fuzzy.  These are tactics that, through much pain, have worked for me.  My motive: If I can help one person by sharing, being open and honest, I have accomplished my mission.  Therefore, I offer no apologies.

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2 thoughts on “Chronic Stress and Burnout…Stopping the downward spiral

  1. Life after Sixty-Five

    Perfectionism is a product of shame-based religion where the cycle of “do more better” persists and this is projected onto others as judgementalism creating a toxic environment. This can often be replicated in the home environment so there is nowhere to escape apart from “giving up”.

    1. Eve

      I agree completely! Yet it wasn’t until my best intentions had my brain in fight or flight mode that I saw the sickening reality of it all. Before that, it was always “anything worth doing is worth doing well” as my motto. The problem was, I could not differentiate well= good enough from perfection=unattainable. I was indoctrinated:) In my circumstance, I projected most of the judgement onto myself for not living up to my own expectations which were impossible from the start.

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