The winter is already, and has always been

“Winter is coming”. –Game of Thrones–

In the popular HBO series Game of Thrones there is a common thread in the first season of the fear of winter coming. Apparently, they have been in a thousand year long summer, and now winter is on its way. While there is a literal winter that is coming in this series, there is also a metaphorical winter that is constantly going on around them. While the characters in this show constantly worry about what winter might bring they fail to recognize the corruption, and crime that is going on right underneath their noses.

This really is no different to our own lives. We constantly have a metaphorical winter of corruption, crime, pain, losses, and more going on around us every day. In the book of Genesis we see the very starting of creation marred with the entrance of a tempter that causes the fall of man. Whether you accept God or not, the reality is that evil does exist, and I think that is something we can all agree on. For someone with intense anxiety I think the thought of the amount of wrongs that can happen to you causes it to get a little overwhelming. Just tonight I was walking up the stairs while carrying a cup of water and I took a big gulp and something causes me to swallow the whole gulp down the wrong pipe straight into my lungs. Immediately I started panicking, getting angry at myself, then at God, and then at whoever was nearby. I wanted to control the situation, I wanted to stop the winter. The reality though is that I cannot stop death tonight, or at any moment. Winter comes for us all, how we respond is what matters. I cannot remain burdened by the fear of “winter” for my entire life. As long as I still have breath in my lungs it is summer, and I cannot allow it to slip me by.

I pray tonight that I am able to accept that winter is all around us, constantly, no matter the literal weather season. Winter will come, but the question that we must ask is what will we do about our lives while we still have the summer.


Billy Crocker


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