The best app I ever deleted

Do you remember motorola phones? My very first cell phone was when I got my drivers license at 16, and it was a Motorola pre-paid phone. Enough talk and text (I think it could text?) to call the parentals in an emergency. Now we have “smart phones” and we have “apps”. The amount of “apps” that are available these days is incredible. Basically anything you want to know is at the tap of a screen. Several years ago I was diagnosed with a list of medical conditions supposedly related to a parasite I obtained while deployed to an undisclosed location in SW Asia. Don’t eat popeyes in some random country (free advice). Anyways, during the time frame following the parasite and them actually figuring out what all was going on with me I became pretty paranoid about my condition. Ultimately, I downloaded an app to have readily available to me, “WebMD”. While this app could be useful to some I am sure. It can become a haunting experience for someone who is already suffering from anxiety. I write this to you all tonight because I want to plead with you if you are like me and suffer with anxiety about medical ailments in particular, please do not download this app, and if you already have, go delete it now. It is only going to add to your anxiety and most likely for no good reason. If you have a medical concern then go speak to your doctor, go to the ER if you feel your symptoms are urgent enough. However, if you just spent the past half hour or longer mapping how this nagging elbow pain could be cancer, STOP! Put the phone down and step away! Delete the app, swear to yourself that you wont go searching Google either, and just relax. As I stated already, if you have a genuine concern then get off your duff and get to the ER. If it’s not urgent, schedule an appointment with your doctor. Do what you must, but for me WebMD was about to be the death of me. Resist the urge to cave to your fears and anxieties. We can do this! Trust in God, for He is peace.

“…Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God,

Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.”

–Isaiah 9:6b, ESV


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